Kiara Lord at Kiara is a real Pee Pervert and…

Kiara Lord at

Kiara is a real Pee Pervert and starts by telling us about her two favourite things – yoga and pissing. She’s definitely not shy about what she likes and eagerly shares her passion for piss. “I really hope you don’t mind if I do it right now,” she says, before squatting to piss on her red towel. We didn’t mind at all.

Kiara keeps up the commentary as she pulls her pretty pink dress tight against her pussy as she continues to pee. Once her bladder has emptied, she plays with the piss-wet throw rug and ends by wrapping it around herself like a nappy. Kiara puts all that yoga to good use by spreading her legs impossibly wide before peeing high and hard into the air. After squeezing three fingers deep into her pussy, Kiara rubs the piss-sodden towel over her body then pisses all over her legs and feet while kneeling on the couch. It might start off as a small trickle running down her belly but it soon transforms into a torrent of pee. Kiara fucks herself with an enormous jelly dildo before inserting a speculum so that you can see deep inside her vagina. The scene finishes with another pretty pee after which Kiara adjusts her glasses, smiles, and waves goodbye. Head over to now if you want to see this pretty blonde playing with her pee.