Alice Nice in ‘Lapping Up Her Piss’ at…

. She’s so keen to get
playing that she isn’t wearing panties and quickly takes a pee into a wine
glass. After filling the glass she gives her clothes a good piss-soaking before
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She climbs onto the table and sets up a hot doggy position,
pissing a powerful stream straight onto the table, although sometimes the hot
piss sheets down her leg. The wet and shiny table top becomes Alice’s
playground, and she sweeps her arms over the surface licking it without

With an orange mini-speculum, Alice spreads herself open
while lying on the table offering an explicit view of the action as she takes
another piss. After fiddling around with a dildo, Alice takes to the floor,
standing behind the table. From here she soaks the table top once more for some
more and finished the scene by frolicking in her own juices once again. If you
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