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girlpeeing: Thank you for visiting my tumblr …


Thank you for visiting my tumblr , Please share , like , follow and visit my recommended site Wetandpissy –

Annie Cruz opening up to herself…

Annie Cruz opening up to herself…

girlpeeing: Thank you for visiting my tumblr …


Thank you for visiting my tumblr , Please share , like , follow and visit my recommended site Wetandpissy –

girlpeeing: Thank you for visiting my tumblr …


Thank you for visiting my tumblr , Please share , like , follow and visit my recommended site Wetandpissy –

‘HD’ ‘Close-up Bikini wetting, lots of pee,…

‘HD’ ‘Your friendly sexy neighbor girl comes over…

Door opens, your cute neighbor comes in wearing a summer dress. You were just about to eat in your kitchen when she sits down right on the table across you. As she pulls up her legs you feel like you caught a glimpse.

As if totally at home, she tells you about visitors at her place and that she needs some privacy. You’ll understand, as you are a good neighbor. She tells you that she is so filled with sexually energy and her bladder is really full, while she just removes her panty and shoes and takes out a vibrator.

While she still tells you that she wanted to enjoy a moment of fun and couldn’t find a private place at her home, she spread her legs, reveals her pink pussy right in front of you and puts the vibrator to it.

She assures you that she doesn’t want to bother you at all, you can just resume your meal. Your sexy neighbor hopes you don’t mind as she moans loudly while stimulating herself in your view.

You can see her bladder bulging and even hear her stomach at one point. You have no idea what is going on and stare at her. She tells you that she hopes you don’t mind her masturbating on your table. She really wouldn’t want to cause you any problems.

As her batteries go empty, she takes some out of your charger and tells you what a good neighbor you are. You don’t mind her taking some batteries, do you? You can’t even reply as she has switched the batteries and is again putting the vibrator right onto her pink slit. Really nice and pink. You wonder if she shaved for you or if your neighbor is always that smooth.

She spreads wide open for you, showing you everything private. Her big belly is fascinating and her feet and toes show you exactly how arousing that masturbation must be for her.

She tells you how hot she feels and it seems unbearable to her to have such a full bladder, so she just leans back and tells you that she has to let out some pee.

Without asking and again, acting as if it’s totally normal, she pees an arched stream onto your kitchen table. Shortly after, she needs to change batteries again. She does that facing away from you, her ass and pussy visible to you backwards. Drops of pee everywhere on her ass, thighs and pussy.

The view is really amazing. White legs and those pink lips. Her asshole shaved as well. You still admire that nonchalance when she puts two fingers inside with her other hand. Now she is pulling up her toes and her mouth stays open.

Her gaze becomes intense, her cheeks red and her ass muscles contract. She is getting more and more wet and aroused, her fingers buried deep inside when… ohhhhh…

She explodes right before your eyes. She orgasms with a tiny fart that doesn’t bother you and pee streams out of her pee hole. She sits up on the table again and you see her swollen slips slightly open, her vagina looking very aroused and ready for more.

She just says “I told you it wouldn’t take long” and continues with the vibrator full on. Her clitoris is trembling and she starts feeling a need for more inside. She puts the big red knob inside her pussy a few times and it slides right in.

You can see how wet she is. When she needs to change the batteries once more she apologizes for just coming to your place like that and masturbating, but she also knows you don’t mind. You are such a friendly neighbor, you are always there for her when she needs help.

This was obviously a real emergency, because her clitoris feels very hot and her feet arch heavily. Her face is blushing from the warmth and she still isn’t done.

When she switches hands and now puts fingers from her other hand inside herself, you hear her say how wet she is. Her feet arch and she moans, you hear the vibrations. It smells a little like fresh pee and your penis is hard and throbbing in your pants.

You have long forgotten to eat your meal and just sit there and watch in disbelief as your neighbor is really right there, right on your kitchen table. Panty gone, red lips, open legs, vibrator with your batteries, bare feet, long hair, red face and that nonchalance! It’s so natural to her.

She pulls down her top and reveals her breasts, another sign of her still increasing arousal. The vibrator.. she puts it inside of her. All the way. It’s gone now! It’s just gone inside of her and she now masturbates with her fingers. You can see that she has masturbated before. Your neighbor is absolutely a nice woman who touches herself in her free time. Maybe even at work or in the car!

As she masturbates, a wave of arousal hits her and the vibrator shoots out of her pussy all by itself. She changes the batteries one more time and tells you that she’ll leave soon. She promises.

She didn’t want to disturb you in the first place, she just needed a private spot and knew she could count on her neighbor. Now putting the full power vibrations onto her clitoris again, you see her gaze freeze, her feet bend, her ass move, her tit lift.. then a smile.. it feels sooo good.

You know something is coming. Something big. A huge orgasm is mounting, a squirting, peeing, exploding, dizzifying orgasm..

It’s so intense. She comes so hard, she can’t even scream. She falls to her back and continues the vibrations. No pause. Just powering through the sensation with a full bladder

A finger finds it’s way to her entrance again and slowly goes inside. You can imagine how this could be your hard cock, sliding right in. She is so open for you, why not? You still think about it when she gets up and says “ooooo I want to get fucked” with a tense face.

You think she really needs a penis now. Right in. It’s so wet, I mean, you can just see the wetness. There is no guessing, she is so aroused and horny that she needs a dick inside. Just any dick.

You watch her tremble, her head down but her pussy still fully in view. Her finger searching inside, stimulating her vagina. Swollen and pink, mother nature calls you.

You should invade her, get on the table and stick it in deeply. But you masturbate secretly. No need to disturb this beautiful scene. If you are humble now, she’ll come back many times, right?

Her vibrations seem to fade, you know how cruel it is. When the stimulation just fades away although you are almost coming. Any orgasm you still manage after that can be huge. She is arching her toes, trembling, moaning, fingering her juicy hole.

She wants it, you see how horny her pussy is being worked on. Her other hand getting in on the play now. Not enough! She takes the vibrator and pushes it all the way in. All the way, it’s gone!

She is at the edge of sanity as she has just swallowed the whole thing with her pussy and is grinding her fingers against her clitoris. She wants this orgasm so badly. Your cute neighbor forgot everything around her and just fights to reach her well earned orgasm right on your kitchen table. Is this a dream?

A louder moan, the tip of the steel vibrator appears.. will she push it out again this time? No, it goes in again, vanishing. Completely gone inside of her. Two hands, one finger, a little panic?

She doesn’t want to lose control of this one. A huge orgasm waiting to happen. She grabs her ass, even has to cough, then.. it sppears.. like giving birth to the vibrator, it shoots out, hits the table right on her asshole as she goes up. Then her waterfall explosion follows.

What a magic scene. The vibrator totally at her asshole, sticking out, while her pussy unloads gush after gush of squirt and piss, shooting and messing up your table. Finger in, piss out, more and more. It’s crazy.

She looks so young but you never saw this from any woman, she certainly shows some kinky experience. And no shame!

Just coming to your place, panty down, tits out, pussy in your face, masturbating and then pissing on your table and even putting the vibrator deep inside. There are husbands who have not seen their wives masturbate like that, although they are married for years! And now your nonchalant neighbor comes over and shows you this, while you were about to eat..

You notice that your food is soaked in piss. She reminds you that you had to eat and picks up your food between her naked toes, then puts it to your face.

“Here, eat”.

Wow. She says that she is done and needs to get back to her guests in her house. She hopes you can clean up the mess and recharge the batteries, because those guests will stay for a whole week and she’ll come back tomorrow, because she can’t stay without orgasms for too long.. she looks at you and tells you that she’ll leave the vibrator here, then puts it on the table for you.

Then she gets into her high heels and swings over, you see her pussy from a sexy voyeur angle the last time and then she hops off the table with a seducing “bye.. neighbor”

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