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‘HD’ ‘POV Sinna is inspecting your body and giving…

‘HD’ ‘Panty wetting, satin red panty complete…

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The hot water is out. Using my warm pee to finish the shower…..

The hot water is out. Using my warm pee to finish the shower.. .)

Folding laundry and doing my house chores while wearing…

Folding laundry and doing my house chores while wearing incontinence pants and peeing freely. Felt amazing, you should try it 🙂

‘HD’ ‘Peeing into old, abused shoes, pouring piss on…

‘HD’ ‘Peeing into old, abused shoes, pouring piss on silk, then masturbating my pussy with these worn out, real leather, 70’s ballet flat smelly shoes that many women wore before’

So many women wore these shoes and they were just about 1$. Because – Do you know what’s awesome? Second hand markets. I went to one and spent a lot of money on old clothes. Look, I bought these leggings, the blouse and some shoes. I already wet the leggings before starting this clip. So I pull it down and show you the stain on my cotton panty.

Next, I show you my real leather 70’ ballet flats. Look how much they have been worn. They are smelling off several things, but I heard that you can clean leather with pee. So I am going to try that right now. I piss into the shoes while still wearing my panty. The pee is streaming through the fabric. Warm urine flowing down in several streams, so I have to pull my panty aside and reveal my pussy.

The light leather insides becoming dark looks so amazing. Very exciting 🙂 After filling the shoes with piss, I pour the pee onto my silk blouse. The silk is so thin that it becomes see-through and sticky. I can stick my top to my bare breasts and you can see my tits through it. Starting to rub my vagina with the shoes outside of the cotton panty. I didn’t think that these shoes would be so exciting. I rub myself to a piss squirt with the tip of the shoe. Leather masturbation..

‘HD’ ‘Red swimsuit pee arousal’I hope you have…

‘HD’ ‘Red swimsuit pee arousal’

I hope you have been watching ‘HD’ ‘Nonchalant urine shower onto the bed’ because in this clip, I’ll be putting on my swimsuit and then lie down on that very wet bed.

The red swimsuit you all know too well. I have wet it so much in the past years. So I lie down in the huge, wet puddle. The pee is smelling and it’s cold. Very cold. But it feels so good. The pee from the mattress sheets is soaking into my swimsuit, which is clinging to my skin, especially my ass. I wet myself some more and the warm and cold pee mix. That creates a quite amazing feeling. Old and new pee, warm and cold, contrasts that make me shiver.

I start to play with myself a little, but I want my belly soaking wet as well. So I turn around, onto my belly. It’s incredible. Really incredible. I normally don’t masturbate like that – and you probably have fixed ways of masturbating or some sort of ritual as well, so you know. But lying on my belly like that, I just had to touch the wet swimsuit between my legs. After warming up a little and getting very aroused like that, I turn back to my favorite masturbation position. Facing you, knees up, legs spread. I pull the swimsuit aside. If you see that blue cord, that’s from the tampon, as I am menstruating. It’s no problem, it can even be arousing when it soaks up pee and increases in size inside me..

I masturbate myself into a state of trance, fantasizing, like I always do. I do fantasize about being peed on… that all this pee I am lying it is from you.. you peed over me and I am lying in it now.. my lips become wet and swollen, I am getting close… pee is running down my pussy (that’s actually not a very nice word by the way, is there a better word? email me: Anyway, the pee is running down and my honey pot shakes, explodes, orgasms. Oh that was a nice quickie. Fir you it is probably difficult to hold back for so long. Can you stroke it without pause until I come? Probably not. But hey, I am a girl, I need a little longer and that fantasy was so nice..

I get up and pee more.. my bladder was slightly full when masturbating, so I can pee now. A wet pee puddle forms at my asshole (another word that’s so direct and not really nice). I collect the pee with my hand, shoveling it over my swimsuit, re-soaking my spandex fabric. I turn to the side and pinch and pull at the swimsuit. It’s letting loose and then clings to my skin again, making wet sounds. I show you the wetness of the swimsuit all around, the stain is big and rubbing it makes nice sounds. Look at my goosebumps, I need to warm up now. I hope to see you again soon 🙂

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From Peaches “Rub”.

From Peaches “Rub”.

‘HD’ ‘Leaving a huge piss puddle at his…

‘HD’ ‘Leaving a huge piss puddle at his doorstep’

So I had this idea: there is a guy that I noticed being rather flirty with me. I don’t know if he knows about my clipstore, but I am going to leave a naughty hint.

I go to his house (or is it your house?) and piss in front of the door. I actually wanted to leave right after peeing the huge puddle, but at the last moment I decide to knock on the door and run away like a girl 😛

‘HD’ ‘Completely nonchalant massive peeing on bed…

‘HD’ ‘Completely nonchalant massive peeing on bed and floor during shaving legs, pussy and asshole in multiple positions, a bit of high heel dangle and play as well’

Do you like it when girls pee while doing something else? I actually need to shave. So I am nude and only wearing silver studded high heels. While I shave my leg first, I put it up on the bed to make shaving more easy. While I shave, a powerfl thick gush of piss comes out of my pee hole and soaks right into the mattress. Normally this would be a problem, but as I totally ignore the peeing, it’s as if nothing happened.

It’s like the bed is not soaked with piss and needs to be cleaned immediately to prevent the piss from drenching all the way through. I just shave, doing my other leg, rinsing the razor. Totally focused on not missing a hair, I don’t even notice that jets of pee shoot from my pussy onto the floor and bed. Soon enough, you see that the sheet is very very wet. I am still not caring about anything else than shaving while the pee is just pouring out in massive amounts.

In the end, I shaved both legs, my pussy and I paid special attention to my asshole. I love it when my asshole is really smooth 🙂 After the shaving, I need to rest a little, dangle my heels and relax my feet. While I dangle my heel and stretch myself, floods of pee still come out of me. There was just so much pee inside my bladder. I don’t take any notice of the peeing at all, but you probably will 🙂

Beach pee

Beach pee