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Lindsey Cruz and Vinna Reed  in ‘Yoga Bl…

Lindsey Cruz and Vinna Reed  in ‘Yoga Blondes Get Wet/’ at

Established Pee Perverts Lindsay Cruz and Vinna Reed are
exercising in the lounge and we all know what’s going to happen as Vinna stretches
with Lindsay licking and playing with Vinna’s pussy through her bodysuit. Vinna
pees into the thin material of the suit, which quickly soaks down Vinna’s body.
Lindsay’s mouth traces out the path of the hot piss, and so begins a super sexy
scene with these two blondes pouring bladder-fulls of pee all over each other.

These girls might have worked-up a sweat before they started
peeing but it’s only a matter of seconds before they’re both completely soaked
as Lindsay climbs on top Vinna and wets both herself and her friend. Vinna isn’t
scared of her friend’s piss and eagerly licks the piss-soaked crotch directly above
her face… and wants more so pulls down Lindsay’s panties and licks her pussy
before she stands up and enjoys getting her own pissy pussy licked out.

While Vinna is in position, she pisses directly into
Lindsay’s mouth… and then after Lindsay has licked her pussy some, Lindsay
relaxes back on the sofa and sprays Vinna right in the face with a huge golden

Seriously soaked, these pissing lesbians finger and tease
their pussies with their feet before exchanging another drenching. They set
fingers and mouths to work on each other’s pussies – not the kind of work-out
you’d get in the gym but oh so satisfying and certainly leaving a golden glow.
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Adele Unicorn and Morgan in ‘Blind-folde…

Adele Unicorn and Morgan in ‘Blind-folded Pee Tasting’ at

Morgan and Adele Unicorn are sat at opposite ends of the
dining table when Adele decides they’re going to play a sexy game. She blindfolds
Morgan before pissing into a blue glass bowl and trickles her pee over Morgan’s
lips and face. Morgan starts playing her pussy as she tastes her girlfriend’s
pee… and can’t resist taking off her blindfold to get more involved in the
action. She dips the blindfold in the bowl of piss and squeezes it out over
Adele’s mouth, letting her get the same pissy in her mouth. Then these gorgeous
Pee Perverts pour the rest of Adele’s piss over their cropped tops!

Both girls get naked and Morgan stands on the dining table
to piss into a glass, pouring the contents into her mouth and down herself. She
saves some of her pee for Adele and covers her with a golden shower before
getting hold of a red speculum and gaping Adele’s pussy wide apart… the camera zooms
in for a perfect view as Adele shoots another stream of her hot golden pee into
Morgan’s mouth. Morgan returns the favour, firing a strong stream of piss into
Adele’s mouth and they both clearly enjoy the sensation, needing a fiery red
dildo to satisfy their burning pussies.

To try and out those fires out, the girls piss at the same
time onto each other’s pussies and kiss passionately, knowing they’ll be
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Claudia Macc, Jenifer Jane & Sasha Sparrow…

Claudia Macc, Jenifer Jane & Sasha Sparrow in ‘Halloween’ at

Sexy brunette Jenifer Jane arrives at a Halloween party just
as she starts to suffer from pee desperation. Her bladder bursts into her
tights grey jeans as she waits at the door… and she’s barely finished peeing
her pants when sexy blonde witch Claudia Macc opens the door and instantly
spots the wet patch in Jenifer’s crotch. Being a Pee Pervert, Claudia rubs her
fingers over Jenifer’s pissy crotch and takes a taste or two of her friend’s

Inside the kitchen, Sasha Sparrow is just as keen to take a
taste of Jenifer’s pissy juices and drops down between her thighs to lick and
suck on the piss-sodden material.

The girls want more and soon Jenifer’s denims are dragged down
and her pussy is subjected to some extensive exploration… and that becomes the
theme of this seriously-wet Halloween party.

Claudia and Sasha piss over Jenifer, drenching her with a
double golden shower and then enthusiastically lick their juices from her hot,
naked body. Jenifer climbs onto the dining table and, with her legs spread wide
apart, pisses over her friends before enjoying getting her pussy licked clean.

These pissing lesbians tease and lick each other all over…
and with three bladders charging up, the girls never get chance to dry off.

Sasha grabs some sex toys, which they take turns mashing
into their squishy little pussies, and then this trio of piss loving babes use
a goblet to catch a triple cocktail of their piss which they pour all over each
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Akasha Coliun and Ashley Ocean in ‘Cheer…

Akasha Coliun and Ashley Ocean in ‘Cheerleaders’ at

Gorgeous cheerleaders can be Pee Perverts too as Akasha Coliun
and Ashley Ocean prove. The girls arrive back from practice and after a bit of
teasing, Ashley opens her legs starts wetting her regulation knickers, with her
golden pee stream trickling down onto the floor. Akasha kneels-down and licks
Ashley’s damp panties… but she wants more, so drags Ashley’s panties off and
munches her friend’s pussy.

Akasha stands over Ashley and exposes her bare pussy,
encouraging Ashley to finger and lick her sensitive flesh before firing down a
stream of piss into Ashley’s hands.

Ashley lies on the gym bench and enjoys getting her pussy
fingered before feeling a sudden urge to piss again. She squats and pisses into
Akasha’s hands and afterwards Akasha enjoys a little taste as she licks her
fingers clean.

This kinky pair of cheerleaders continue to lick and finger
each other and up the dirtiness as Akasha pisses into Ashley’s mouth, giving
her friend a proper taste of fresh piss… and then to ‘clean-up’, she leads
Ashley into the shower room to exchange another round of very special golden

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Amanda Estela & Emma in ‘Pissy Pussy…

Amanda Estela & Emma in ‘Pissy Pussy Licking’ at

Emma and Amanda are best friends and their love is clear to
see as Emma is kneeling on the floor giving Amanda a foot massage. She oils-up
her friend’s feet and legs… and then decides to cover Amanda’s feet with some
very special golden juices as she pees all over them. After she has finished
peeing, Amanda uses her sexy feet to rub against Emma’s pussy lips and Emma
starts to lick her own juices from them, enjoying the taste of her own piss.

Amanda helps Emma out of her top and pours oil over her
back. She massages it into her skin and then pulls her panties to one side
while squatting over Emma. She pees over Emma’s back and laps up her pee too.

These gorgeous pissing lesbians help each other out of their
panties and Emma sits on Amanda’s face. She gets treated to some very intimate licking
before spraying Amanda with more streams of pee right in her friend’s open

Amanda wants her turn too, so sits up on the back of the
sofa while Emma licks her eager pussy. She fires a powerful stream of piss into
Emma’s mouth and over her hot body.

The Pee Perverts take turns using a glass bottle as a sex
toy… and filling it with piss. But then they get really dirty… using a plastic
funnel that they insert into their vaginas, they pour their pee back inside!

After toying each other with a flesh-like dildo, these
gorgeous girls fill glass jars with more piss. Amanda makes hers a cocktail by
pouring some of Emma’s pee into her jar before the girls drink to their health and
wash themselves down with the remaining golden nectar. If you want to see this
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Ellen Milion & Giorgia Roma in ‘Dren…

Ellen Milion & Giorgia Roma in ‘Drenching The PA’ at

Sexy blonde Pee Pervert Ellen Milion is sitting at her desk
when her personal assistant, Giorgia Roma comes into the room with some drinks.
Giorgia always dresses to thrill and Ellen wants more of her hot body. She
unzips her dress to show off her cleavage and walks over to Giorgia with a
collar and lead, eager to play to her assistant’s submissive side. Giorgia gets
onto her knees and while crouched down, Ellen lifts up her dress and pisses all
over her.

After licking Giorgia’s back, she pulls off her dress and
gets Giorgia to lick her pussy. These girls soon get naked and Ellen returns
the pussy-licking favour as she lies Giorgia down on the couch. Giorgia goes to
fetch some sex toys and uses a pussy pump on Ellen, encouraging her as she
bends over to fill it with golden pee.

Giorgia pours the juicy contents into Ellen’s mouth and then
pours the rest down over Ellen’s hot body. Giorgia fills the pussy pump
afterwards, tasting her own juices and copies Ellen.

The women play share a glass dildo, starting by driving it
deep into Ellen’s pussy before peeing again. If you want to share in the pissy
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Jenifer Jane & Naomi Bennet  in ‘Gli…

Jenifer Jane & Naomi Bennet  in ‘Glistening Piss Showers’ at

Stunning babes Naomi Bennet and Jenifer Jane are in the
bathroom in their underwear and both are clearly in the mood for some fun. They
start to kiss and grope each other’s asses before they move over to a footstool
and Naomi starts to lather up Jenifer’s leg for a quick shave. The shaving is
perfectly normal… but the rinsing off afterwards is a little kinky – Instead of
rinsing it off in the shower, Naomi pisses all over Jenifer’s leg, and then
licks up it to taste her own golden pee.

Jenifer didn’t know that Naomi was a Pee Pervert but wants
in on the pissy action and ups the ante by lathering up Naomi’s pussy and
lowering her crotch down and pissing all over it to rinse it off. She’s so
horny that she starts licking Naomi’s pussy and fingering her friend without
even thinking about it.

Naomi decides to reward her friend with another spray of hot
piss – and Jenifer leans forward eagerly to take the golden shower on her tits.

Jenifer then stands over the footstool and Naomi licks her
pussy from behind, enhancing the effect with some fingering action. Jenifer
bends over into the doggystyle position and pees firstly in Naomi’s hands,
letting her splash the golden juices on her hot naked body, and then into her


Nothing is too naughty for these babes as they take turns with
a red dildo and they both piss over a towel on the floor before wringing out
their combined juices over themselves.

After more dildo play, Naomi pees over Jenifer who kneels on
the wet towel and Jenifer returns the favour. Two friends have never got so wet
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Oprah & Tera Link in ‘Servicing the …

Oprah & Tera Link in ‘Servicing the Maid’ at

Established Pee Pervert Oprah is sitting at her desk when
she takes a wet fancy to her new maid, Tera Link. She throws petals over the
floor and makes Tera pick them up… then stands above her maid, rips her pantyhose
and proceeds to spray Tera with a golden shower. Tera is not used to this kind
of treatment, but she seems to like it as after Oprah has finished peeing, Tera
turns around and starts to lick her boss’ pussy with her pierced tongue.

Oprah helps Tera out of her uniform and strips down to her
pantyhose too while lying on the rug. She masturbates while Tera pisses all
over Oprah’s trimmed snatch. Oprah even catches some of the pee stream and
splashes it into her mouth.

After some more pussy licking, Tera uses a metal speculum on
Oprah’s pussy and then Oprah sprays a stream of piss up into the air for Tera to
take in her mouth.

These kinky girls love the taste of each other’s piss. Even
though Tera is Oprah’s maid, she doesn’t miss out on the action and gets her
pussy licked and gaped with the speculum before she fires a stream of piss
straight into Oprah’s face. These very horny pissing lesbians take turns toying
each other with a golden vibrator and enjoy even more pissing fun as they simultaneously
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Emylia Argan & Licky Lex in ‘Wet Wak…

Emylia Argan & Licky Lex in ‘Wet Wake Up’ at

Emylia Argan sneaks down the stairs to find Licky Lex asleep
on the couch with her big boobs on show… those boobs make an inviting target for
a Pee Pervert. Lifting her leg up onto the couch, Emilya starts to piss all
over Licky, soaking her with an extended golden shower. Licky loves this kind
of wake-up call and rubs her hands all over her pee-drenched body. Emylia joins
in the fun as she licks her own pee off Licky, teasing her nipples with her tongue
before sharing a pee-flavoured kiss.

Emylia pulls the covers off Licky and toys her pussy with a
purple vibrator, occasionally licking the juices off it. She is so turned on
that she has to touch her own pussy finds herself mindlessly grinding her
crotch against her fingers. Licky can feel the urge to pee and sprays pee on
through Emylia’s hot pink tank top, plastering the pretty material against her
girl’s tits – Emilya’s hard nipples clearly poking through the wet fabric.

As Emylia bends over the leather sofa, Licky treats her to some
intimate pussy licking before treating her pussy to some sexy vibrator play.
More golden showers and pussy play takes place, with Licky pissing into a glass
tube while Emylia takes it into her mouth and spits it back over Licky.

They take turns using the vibrator before both babes sit
side by side while fingering and masturbating at the same time. They both orgasm
and squirt all over the floor, paddling their feet in their puddle of pee. If
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Claudia Macc & Puppy in ‘Strap On Sp…

Claudia Macc & Puppy in ‘Strap On Spa’ at

Pee Perverts Puppy and Claudia Macc are at the spa. Puppy is
oiling up her gorgeous girlfriend when we join them, but it’s not long before
she stops massaging her girl’s perfect tits and pulls her panties to one side
to shower Claudia with her golden pee. Claudia gets absolutely drenched with hot piss and is eager to
return the piss-flavoured favour as she pisses all over Puppy and her lingerie.

Claudia helps Puppy out of her soaking wet panties and both
girls suck on them, tasting Claudia’s pee. Feeling like a fucking, they
pull-out a strap-on and after a quick lick, Claudia takes the harness and gets Puppy
to ride her new-found cock. Puppy gets all frothy and pauses only to piss all
over their sex toy and Claudia.

Puppy sucks the strap-on just like it was a real cock – but unlike
a real cock she gets to have a go in fucking Claudia – bending Claudia over and
ripping into her sexy slot from behind. Once Puppy has finished, Claudia stands
above her and pisses all over her pretty face.

Claudia fucks Puppy with a glass bottle, and then holds it
underneath her as Puppy pees right into it. She pours the golden juicy contents
over Puppy’s naked body and into her mouth, giving her girl a good chance to
taste her own pee.

Next, it’s Claudia’s turn to enjoy the glass bottle, and
these stunning babes lick and finger each other to orgasm with another round of
piss facials to clean up their complexions. If you want to see two hot babes
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